22 Home Bar Equipment List That You Have

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Shaker set

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Besides the need of various kinds – glass, bartenders also need many other supplies for smooth work. Most tools are permanent, others should be able to be moved – move. Provision of home bar equipment list, supplies, and layout must comply with the requirements and rules of its use, If a tool is used to as a sort of necessity is not in place. In addition to quality, his appearances became less well, besides ineffective. The decoration of the equipment it is necessary to decorate and add to the growth of the appearance, though still not to be excessive.

The following are some of the home bar equipment list and its use:

1. Shaker set

Shaker set

Tool to whisk a mixed drink consisting of three parts: the upper part of the head or as a cover, the part of the neck as a filter, and the body section of shaker as a Shaker.

2. Bar Spoon

Bar Spoon

Great for stirring, scooping, layering and rapping the knuckles of garnish buffet deviants while they try to feast on the garnish tray.

3.Cocktail Stainer

Cocktail Stainer

Ice filter tool so as not to get carried away into the glass during a drink/cocktail is poured into a glass.

4. Electric blender

Electric blender

Shaker drinks tool that is run by electricity.

5. Cork screw

Cork screw

A tool to unscrew bottles made of Cork, for example, wine bottles. This tool there are some kinds of types.

6. Cutting board

Cutting board

Tool to cut fruit, such as orange, lemon, etc. Some are made of wood and some are made of plastic.

7. Can Opener

Can opener

Tool for opening cans. For example canned juice, cream, milk and so on.

8. Bottle opener

Bottle opener

Obvious, but a good one will help save your wrist and palms. Bar blades are good if you do high volume sales.

9. Bar Knife

Bar Knife

A good sharp knife helps make excellent garnishes. Also, if you have to cut three cases of limes for a Friday night, it will save your wrist. The cutting position can be awkward and put a lot of pressure on your wrist, leading to a repetitive strain injury. If you use a dull knife, you have to exert more pressure, leading to injury.

10. Brandy heater

Brandy heater

Tool to heat a glass of brandy or Irish coffee glasses.

11. Ice tong’s

Ice tong's

Tongs to pick up the ice cube with the way the hem.

12. Ice scoop

Ice scoop

Tools to take the ice cube in great numbers

13. Jigger cup

Jigger cup

Gauges or as a measure in making mixed drinks made of metal or glass to the size of the volume 1 ounce and 1 ½ ounce

14. Mixing glass

Mixing glass

Large glasses used to make mixed drinks with no juice, syrup, or cream (simply stirred only).

15. Orange Squeezer

Orange squeezer

This tool is used to squeeze the lemon, lime, orange, and so forth.

16. Funnel


The molten material is used to move to another place so as not to spill.

17. Ice picker

Ice picker

Ice picker tool to make the ice crack.

18. Brush


Brush for washing glasses and long bottle.

19. Ice shaver

Ice shaver

To crush ice cubes so that its shape into a smaller size and regular.

20. Champagne buck ( wine cooler )

Champagne buck ( wine cooler )

A kind of small metal buckets with the ear on the right – left to cool wine and champagne/white wine which is mounted near the front desk.

21. Wine Cooler Stand

Wine Cooler Stand

Place put a champagne buck/wine cooler.

22. Ice bucket

Ice bucket

Sort of a metal bucket, the size is a little smaller than a champagne buck, as a place of ice cubes, it is generally the bottom is equipped with a sieve.

So was the 22 home bar equipment list that you have. In addition to providing the functionality to Your home bar, this equipment can also enhance the appearance of Your home bar. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. Thank you.


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