Building A Home Bar Budget

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Basement Bar Plan Ideas Basement Bar Plans with Low Budget

Building A Home Bar Budget


Thinking about building your dream bar?

First of all, you want an estimated cost of how much will cost your bar at home andthe renovation project. There are three options. It is how you decide how much youwant vs. what you can afford.


Hire a professional contractor:

Naturally, a contractor is your option more expensive and a full basement finishingand build a fully functional bar will take place in the neighborhood of $10,000 on thespot. If you have a huge budget, and not only the bar without all the work, then acontractor much your best bet. Sometimes it is good to have a judgment of the contractor to make a free estimate. Their real estimate could invite you to do ityourself.


Buy a manufactured Bar:

The second option is to make the wall framing and renovation of room bar yourselfthen buy a pre-made or fabricated bar. This time, you‘ll save a few grand on work factframing wall & gypsum wallboard or paneling, but the only bar will cost more than$1500 with some models well beyond $10,000.


If 10 k is in your budget, we contact because we can align with a great Italian fact bar(8 k 20 k).


Do-it-yourself Bar:

The final approach is to tackle the draft as a whole it yourself job. An adventure in theWoods if you want. You‘ll save thousands in labor, but you will need starting point forcustomizing the taskbar and around rear bar, plumbing and electricalIt is there thatour plans can help. You can get also developed or as simple as you want. I guaranteeyou, it will become a permanent obsession, adding decorations and improvements toyour bar. Ultimately, the DIY approach is much more satisfying and affordable.


Compared to thousands of dollars that you can pass on a project‘s basement bar, ourcollection of illustrated plans will help you save time and money, doing things the firsttime. $ 20 isn’t that much for such a great collection of detailed plans, is it? It comes out to about $ 2 per plan. Sign up


Need to justify the cost?

This can be done with a single 12 bottles of beer.


First, go to your local liquor store and buy a pack of 12 of your favorite beer brand.Which will cost around $10.00 at current prices. ($9.50 where I live)


Then go to your local bar and buy 12 cans of beer from bartender. At $3.50 per box(on average) that 12 pack will cost you $42.00! Now do the calculation: $42 $ 10 =$32,00 you just pay for the plans and your lunch. Bottom line, drink at home is muchmore affordable. (duh)? It is also safer.


Save thousands per year!

So, using my logic, if you drink at home, you can save $32.00 each 12 Pack single youconsume or $64 per week for the case. If you drink a case of beer per week, whichcomes out to an incredible $3328 per year! ($64 x 52 weeks = $3328)


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