Terrace carriage Bar

Terrace carriage Bar
Terrace carriage Bar, picture size 550x412 posted by admin at September 27, 2015

Terrace carriage Bar


Terrace carriage Bar


This mobile bar unit can move with you wherever you go at a party. It is equipped with wheels and has an open design that allows customers to have a clear drinks offer.The spacious basket also has enough space to hold the glassware and the hardware bar tends.


Dobson Flip Down Bar unit


Resembling a piece of picturesque art decor, Dobs on Flip Down Home Bar unit can be placed against a wall and is small enough to fit into crowded spaces with ease. It comes with an exterior that can be flipped down to reveal the compartments for bottles and glasses. A drawer at the bottom provides extra storage space.


The unit Junior Lodge bar


It may look like a suitcase of travel at first glance. But the Bar Junior Lodge is in fact,mini bar which is surprisingly spacious enough to accommodate a whole, full bar with bottles, glasses and a trendy equipment bar. Additional detail is provided by wood,leather and brass detailing on the suitcase.


Case Bar unit of re targeted


This is a great idea for those who can not afford to buy separately bar units for their homes. You can create your own DIY Home bar unit with the help of retargetedcaisses. In addition to offering a sturdy work surface, they provide plenty of space for storing beverages and bar tend equipment. In addition, you can design the bar in such a way that it can be extended when you use it and then separated and nestled away from view thereafter.


Hall cavity Bar unit


Sometimes, all you need is space to set up a bar unit. A room cavity provide you this space. Discover the design in the picture below. A cavity in the corridor has been beautifully transformed into a home bar unit which is stylish, compact and functional,all at the same time. This is an excellent example to make use of the limited space tocreate an aesthetic home bar unit which would be open 24/7 for the parties.


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