Double Tap Kegerators Home Bar

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Home made Bar and Kegerator

Double Tap Kegerators Home Bar

If you have a kegerator that serve ice cold beer in your home bar is cool, then having one presented two different cold beer even amazing (not a Word). Dual tap kegeratorsgives more variety and makes it easy to have two types of beer (regular and light, dark and notdark, etc.) at a party. But there are a few different things over standard single faucet kegerator.

For one, you save two beer in the same room so that the mathematics determine that they must be at least half as large as a full keg. While making sense mathematically,because the dimensions of the barrel, you’re limited to two Keg barrel 1/6 Keg clicheor two 5 gallon (see more about Barrel size). You also have twice the hose which could mean twice the tangling especially if you move Your Keg in and out a lot. Finally, you have a beer a lot less there than a full Barrel, just something to keep in mind if you tend to throw some great parties.

This unit is equipped with all the necessary facilities to arrange kegerator (you do yourself): 5 lb CO2 tank empties, single gauge regulator (boo!), CO2 lines with thesplitter, the beer lines by coupling two-Barrel style sankey (local beer), and a dual faucet Tower. The biggest difference is the model two faucet has more than one faucet Haier Kegerator, is that you have to do more useful work. Not really manymany, but Tower two larger taps have 3 diameter where as a small single faucet has a2 1/2 diameter. Not a big deal, but the holes come pre-drilled for the tower are small so you have to take the tower and line it up and mark it and then some small pilothole drill, then Chair of the tower and secure. The same applies to the CO2. They’re allset to Tong system so you should secure the CO2 line with coupler (not great).

What we really love about Haier kegerator is that it’s big and strong. A good and largecasters (2.5 inches) and have a stainless steel floor mat that will help keep your Kegsfrom scuffing up or damage the floor of the fridge. Plus there are tons of space. You can fit up to three Barrels of Cornelius in there which is great to have one on the deck“. If you switch the home brewer or you want a lot of different styles, kegerator isright up your alley.

Summit Dual faucet Kegerator

One of the top names in kegerators is tops (also known by the brand name of Sanyo … one and the same). Their units are a little more but that’s because they are top of the line quality and super high. Cooling coil design Summit venue in the back with easyrecessing them so that they are not in danger of getting damaged. The thermostat also logically placed so that you get the correct temperature of beer Kegsrepresentative (problem with some other brands). The cooling units are also very strong is able to freeze a barrel if you’re not too careful.

In addition, it has two faucet kegerator much the same as any other collecting her own kegeartor. One major flaw that I see with this model is that they only provide a single gauge regulator. I don’t know how many times, companies will do this. Indeed this is not required but it makes maintaining Your Barrel (especially if your home brew and strengthcarbonate) so much easier.

This model has also been extended cu 6.5 ft that can accommodate the size of the Barrel (including horse greatness of coors and miller) or up to three small 5 gallon cornies or 1/6 Keg Kegs. Same as above this model Haier is fantastic for home beer and you can count on this one lasts You for a long time.


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