Wine Storage Temperature info

Wine Storage Temperature info
Wine Storage Temperature info, picture size 794x612 posted by admin at January 1, 2016

Wine Storage Temperature info

Wine is a symbol of passion, friendship and love. If you have returned from the store with a few luxury wines that you should notice is the wine storage temperature, if you don’t plan on drinking it immediately. This article will discuss all about the where, why, and how to store your wine and bring out the best.

Long-term aging

wine storage temperature variation

Not all wine market will benefit from the aging of the other. In fact, you will find that most wine meant to be drunk within several years after their release.

Where you should store your wine?

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Many people keep a wine is on the shelf in storage around the House as cool and dry basement. This is a wine cellar that is most ideal. Or you can also store your wine in a coat closet is empty or available with you should make sure that it is not too wet or warm. However, if you do not have it all, the best option is to invest in a small wine cooler. They will make your wine at optimum temperature and they will control humidity. You must remember one thing that you should keep them away from the window and direct sunlight.

Avoid hot temperature

Wine Storage Temperature info

A fine wine storage temperature is should not be hotter than 70 ° f. This will cause your wine will age too rapidly, down the taste and aroma is not really enjoyable. However, it does not mean that the cooler the better. Good for storing wine in your refrigerator if you plan on drinking in a number of subsequent months, but longer than that and you will be faced with a dry Cork may cause air to leak into your wine and ruin it. Thus, the most ideal temperature for storing wine is between 45 ° F and 65 ° f., this means that the temperature is 55 ° F is as close as you will get a perfect.


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