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Home Bar Game Room Ideas-My parents created the game room house for our family to have fun but sometimes it appears the arguments and growing up I saw almost every argument that might occurin the game room of the House. . To minimize arguments we apply some simple and nice way to make everyone happy. I said minimize because no matter what you will always be an argument or two, that‘s life. But if you can’t stop just one of your homegame room that already happens then it will be better!


Who is the next


One of the arguments that always arises is the question “who’s next”. Yes silly argument but one that could get out of hand for no reason. An easy solution to this problem is to have a pen and paper on hand in Your game room. This is a list of “who plays the next”. Make sure you write your name down on paper that way you know which play next and said no, he said can occur. If you want something better then a small white board do the trick. Using the “who‘s next” list works great especially if you have a lot of people for the holidays.


Using the card


Keep a stack of cards in Your game room to select a team and much more. This way you can separate the teams randomly. If you have six people then take the 3 pairs of cards, mix them and everyone takes one. Pairs team, no ifs, ands or buts. If you have odd numbers only add joker and that person stand out the first game. The team lost the first selects a card and whoever gets the lowest card is seated and the highest card and wait for the player to create a new team. This is a simple but effective way to keep peace in your home game room.


Changing partners


Another fun way to keep everything nice and even is for “change partners”. Sometimes if two players get the best pool in the same team they will win all night and some people might start to get angry. To stop that happening, have rules “change partners”. One of the best ways to do this is to have the winning team split up after 5consecutive wins or WINS in a row 3 and when You have a lot of friends and family.


Basically what happens is that after the team won 5 consecutive games everyone back taking the card to set up a new team. And make sure this is the rule that two pairs of high playing first and then the next play the winner of the highest pair. If by chance a winning team paired up again then so be it, let them play as a partner again because the team will split eventually once again. The important things here is that you have all the names on the White Board and then get a victory When they get a check mark.This way no matter who their partners will try to win to earn a check mark. And at the end of the night you will see who has the most WINS and it won’t matter who their partners.


Keep a record of


This is probably one of the biggest arguments happen in the game room house but it has paid little attention. I’m talking about keeping notes. I can’t remember how many times someone says they have a higher value than I do on the pinball game. Also a quick reference to our “game room note book” taking care of the argument quickly. Of who has the longest winning streak in the pool for the highest score in pinball log book stop argument. Plus you can get creative with different types of notes you stick and they’re always fun to see especially years down the road.


Home rule


The fourth way is one of the largest; The fifth way is well the biggest way to avoid arguments. Just say, “Home Rule”. Yes has a list of house rules for Your game room.Friends and other family members may have pool tables too and they play by different rules. If you do not set the rules you play with in the game room You then you are in for a big surprise when friends start fighting over who is right. When in reality they both may be true, but because they‘re in your home you are making rules so have the rules up.


Play pool in the House I have seen friends and family who are debating whether you lost the game at the beginning. I’ve seen some people say that after your initial in the kitchen while others say the ball is in your hands and you can place the ball kiuany where on the table. Still other people have told me I lost because I did not mention my pocket the 8-ball when ball 8 inches from my pocket and it’s clear where it’s going.Also you need to call the Pocket for each ball or just the 8-ball. The man I saw some big arguments over little things this simple. But you know what taking care of the fight,House rules“!


These rules are all about making Your game room a better place for families and friends to enjoy and have fun together. And this is really not the rules because they are a way to keep the peace. Let’s face it, during the holidays you might have a party or two and one can drink and play games in Your game room. If you apply these 5 simple ways to avoid arguments in Your game room you’ll be sure to stop at the very least required arguments before they even arise.


Yes another argument may come but stopped just one in its tracks is good news. So if you add some rules of the day you’ll stop arguments tomorrow!


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