How To Build A Bar In Basement

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How To Build A Bar In Basement

How To Build A Bar In Basement


How To Build A Bar In Basement: With finishing the basement started back in March of this year (2009). I hired aprofessional doing most of the work, but I leave the bar for myself to finish. This forumprovides me with all the inspiration I needed to decide to tackle the project yourself!Anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures of my progress, talk about some of my lessons, and maybe get some feedback and suggestions for the remaining tasks.

I started to build a bar around the end of July. Two and a half months later, and I amquite happy with how far I’ve gone, but there is still much more to be done, especiallyto take care of all the little finishing details. So, let’s start with some pictures that will return to the beginning of the project the basement:

And now we’re in the middle of July, you can see the 2 by 4 and masking tape that is used to mark areas will occupy the bar as I plan things. I ordered kitchen cabinetsfrom Ikea about this time, and this is really determined the final layout. The postmakes planning more difficult and restricting my options somewhat. The size of theCabinet made the decision more difficult, as well as decisions about the location bar of the frame (in the future, in line with or behind the post). So the back wall where the bar fridge was to be placed using the usual 24 inch in base cabinets, while the front bar area was to be built using a 12 inch wall cabinet.

So while I went with the 12 inch wall cabinet to the front, I would like to counter depth bottom becomes more than that. I decided to build a wine rack to fill some of theempty space behind the wall cabinets and on the side, you can see this in the picturethen when everything was in place. So after arriving in their closet and placed together, I began framing the bar:

IKEA Cabinets we go with that tanned black relationship (even though the door glass Tidaholm Black-Brown, not exactly the same but close enough), so finding a stain to match was a bit of a challenge. I use a mixture of two water-based stains, Saman,Brown and black. My original intent was to mix them together, but what I ended updoing, and I think it works pretty well, is the first that Brown then black coloring, and then some more chocolate and black skip until I am happy with it. Ikea wardrobe of black indeed, but I love it.


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  • How To Build A Bar In Basement

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