How To Build A Deck Bar Design

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How To Build A Deck Bar Design


How To Build A Deck Bar Design-Part of the entertainment is to serve drinks to your guests. Although you can put a dispenser on the outside and tell them that they are served, it is much easier to serve your drinks on demand behind the outdoor deck design your own bar. Place a piece of plywood 1.9 cm 1.5 m x 0.91 m 1.91 cm on a flat surface. Place the two halves 0.91m 0.63 cm above 4 × 4 plywood and push them to the outer edge flush with the plywood edges side 4.

Place a piece of plywood 1.9 cm 1.5 m x 0.30 m 1.91 cm TV surface. The other two pieces of 0.91 m 0.63 cm above 4 × 4 plywood at two corners along the baseboard syet again. Blocks of plywood screwed not through design bar deck.

Place the “front” of the top bar on the front foot/front. Top screw for front legsthrough the plywood. It measures 0.60 meters from the end to back up inside the bar away. Place a piece of plywood 1.20 m x 0.91 m 12.7 cm 20 cm 1.91 cm inside the bar in this brand. This is the design of the rack to bar deck.


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