How To Build A Simple Home Bar

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how to build a home bar step by step

How To Build A Simple Home Bar


One of the interesting features of a house or apartment is a nice bar area. Pull the bar area of any interior enhancing, convey class, sophistication and elegance. While the interior of the Bar is the perfect accessory for entertaining family and friends, they are also very practical to utilize the corner space or otherwise remain naked. Although there are many professional Bar for sale, if you’d rather not cough up thousands of dollars, you can easily build a bar yourself. Here are a few tips and hints some of the best ways to build a bar to suit your specific needs and space:


Build a bar requires sufficient preparation. Not only can run to the store and buy the ingredients, you’ll be wasting your time and money. To make a bar is ideal for your home, you will need to do a little planning and measurement.
Select a room for Your Bar. Home bar First, select the area where you want to build a bar. While spaces can do, make sure you choose the space will improve the environment. For example, when you can build a bar in your garage, you might not be entertaining in that area. Select an area in your home such as angle, part of a space, cove, under the stairs, etc., where you think the bar would not only fit, but practical when in use. Usually a home Bar is located in the nest or equipped basement.

The proposed measure Bar Area

Once you have decided where to build Your bar, it is very important to take accurate measurements because you want Your bar to fit beautifully in the space option. In addition, an accurate measurement of the bar area will also determine exactly what type of bar you can install. For example, even a very small area consists of only a few square feet can be made into a mini bar area providing full functionality and enhance your interior. If you have a larger area available, keep in mind that the standard bar is usually around 43 inches tall with a 42-inch depth. The length of the bar you can vary depending on the space available and your personal preference.

Create a development plan

how to build a home bar book
Once you have accurately measured the fields selected, you can now plan Your bar. It should be noted that the bar area is composed of various components (some optional components) including:
– Physical bar where you serve drinks
– Pipes for wet Bar that includes a sink and water faucet
– Building a mini fridge
– Area to keep beer Kegs, kegerator, or mini Kegs
– Liquor shelves to display your spirit
– Area for electrical appliances such as a blender
– Area to stand while mixing drinks
– Something to sit
– Area for glasses, etc.
A brief note regarding plans for a commercial bar. One of the most easy and cheap to build a bar yourself is to buy the bar building plans. These plans are just a few bucks and offer detailed instructions that will not only make it easier to build Your bar, but they also detail a special touch that can increase the use and aesthetics of Your bar.

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