Image Of The Building A Home Bar

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building a home bar on a budget

Image Of The Building A Home Bar


A perfect complement for your home bar image is the image of good taste and appropriate hung behind him (or close to it). If you have a theme bar or something simple. Determine what best suits the atmosphere of the bar. Public schools usually have stitches or problems affecting the choice of style. Simple home bar and even the desire of owner. Select the picture that works well with Your bar. Can you work with a personal photo enlarged, or commercial painting or drawing from a tent.

Measure the size of a photo or painting a picture House bar. Use the tape measure to get the proper dimensions. Buy an appropriate framework of size and style that you like. Most craft stores or department stores should have the choice of frames. Flea markets and antique shops can have alternative styles of frames. Thin images need to be included with frame glass cover. Remove the back of the frame. Place the photo in a frame and add the matting and support. Hang your home bar image. Drive a nail toboth sides of the frame. Use a level to get the picture right.


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