Modern Bar Design ideas 2015

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Modern Bar Design ideas 2015


Modern Bar Design ideas 2015-Night Bar has special décor. Can be modern and futuristic or retro décor with antique details. In some Bar, we find the floodlit table and creativity to bring luxury to decoration. Stools, tables of different heights, direct and dotted lighting is an important point and are seen in most bars.


Distribution and number of tables and chairs make a good modern bar design. In this case, the couch was a gift of time. Large, comfortable and beautiful, they can also meet the needs of the bar, accompanied by Ottoman that fits under the glass counter to not take up space. Oriental theme brings nature in Chandelier arising wood floors and paper, seal structure and tree glowing in the background.


For different spaces, this modern bar counter design received the neon blue lights to highlight its occupies many neighbourhoods. For the pane of glass and drinks, panels with round cutouts have built, bringing a depth of blue lights for decoration. The combination of blue and yellow lights is remarkable bringing harmony and make the most pleasant bar.


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