Restaurant Bar Equipment

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Restaurant Bar Equipment

So you are going to set the barthat’s great … but where do you start? There are manythings to think about when you‘re setting up a bar. One important aspect is the equipment you need to run Your bar. There are many different tools that you can choose from, and in the end will depend on what is appropriate for Your set the bar.

Some of the things you will need to think about before you start:

1. You set the bar you are permanently or temporarily to function?
2. How many people will bar you need to serve at once?
3. What would you serve at the bar?
4. Who are your clients, and what will their expectations and should be?
5. There is a theme or design you need to work with when making your decision?
6. What is your budget?
7. What is Your time frame?

Most restaurant owners prefer to hire a dishwasher from vendors such as how they will rent the machine soda Coke or Pepsi. The vendor then responsible for providing the cleaning detergent to ensure that the machine will work fine for a standard Department of health. When Health Inspectors perform regular inspections, hechecked the chlorine and other detergent levels. For rent low-temp dishwasher, costs about $ 120-$ 350 per month, depending on the type, size and function of the machine. There is also a dishwasher that requires high temperature steam exhaust hood, also known as type II hood over them. It’s expensive to build a hood type II in the beginning, (about $ 2000), but the high temperature washing machine will bring benefits requires less detergent and maintenance of low-temperature ones. They also make food and heat. To buy your own dishwasher will cost somewhere around $ 4,000to $ 12,000. To install the equipment, complete with landing areas, dish tables,garbage disposal, and three compartment sink, will run you anywhere from $ 5,000 to$ 25,000.


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