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homebardesigns.net  The bar is usually one place for us to relax. All people prefer to spend time in the bar for a chat with their friends in the accompany a drink. To add your insight about the bar, here I’ll give some function bar for you.

In addition to the complementary facilities for guests who are visiting, who sometimes operated together – the same as the restaurant, the bar is also a supplier of income and a sizable profit for the Hotel. Bar in a Hotel providing, selling, serving all kinds of drinks to guests, whether coming directly to the Bar, a restaurant as well as a message from the rooms at the Hotel where they stay free (Room Service).

Bars are generally open from 10.00 am until 01.00 hours past midnight, depending on function or location bar. According to its functions, bar can be distinguished between the Service Bar and Public Bar. What is meant by Service Bar is the bar which is located in a Hotel, where the bartenders are not directly related to guests, even sometimes not visible to guests. Message passing waiters to do drinks. This bar is serving drinks only works through the restaurant, banqueting, as well as from the room (Room Service).

Whereas the definition of the Public Bar is a bar that’s located in a Hotel and outside the Hotel (Stand-alone), its location is seen by guests, guests can meet up and drink to bartenders. In this bar are provided with desks and chairs as befits a restaurant. The officer’s bar has the opportunity to communicate directly and intimately familiar with the guests.

The sale of drinks in the bar, especially alcoholic beverages, whether served straight (straight, without mixture) or in the form of drink mix (mixed drink), cocktail, high ball and so forth, highly profitable entrepreneur or the owner of the bar. Sometimes the benefits are much greater than the profits gained from the sale of the food in the restaurant. Guests are met or buyer needs and desires, they can unwind, relieving the tension by relaxing in the bar, enjoy a drink Favorites while enjoying the music. Inside the dispenser bar, that bar is generally located inside a restaurant wine sales channel, in addition to other alcoholic beverages are served to the guests as they enjoy the food, the benefits that accrue to the parties entrepreneurs are quite large.

The bar, which can be operated in a Hotel, in the restaurant, outside hotels and restaurants, even in a household as a Private bar. To attract visitors to the General bar is equipped with a wide range of entertainment, musical performances or other accompaniment.

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