Vintage Home Bar Accessories

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Vintage Home Bar Accessories

October 28, 2009 In his manual of manners Etiquette (1955), Emily Post suggests throwing a cocktail party in an effort to maximize socialization using minimal space.He suggested that serve cocktails at homenothing like throwing a dinner party frees one to better spent time mingling with guests. Still today, with space at a premium, the movement remains a popular alternative that certainly can be done with panache.

Although popularly associated with the 1950s and 1960s, proper cocktails mixed drink formal created in America actually dates back to the seventeenth century. The first publication of the previous set of recipes of cocktails, the Bar tender‘s Guide or how to mix drinks by Jerry Thomas appeared in 1862 and was considered by collectors as the “Holy Grail literary cocktail. Not surprisingly, a decade after its publication early leads to the proliferation of cocktail garnish, jiggers, strainers, stirrers and crockery are available in a variety of styles.

Today, the market for vintage bar ware has exploded, alluding to widespread appreciation for authentic drinks. Luckily, the fountain of the 19th century which has recently been reprinted and repackaged as “Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide,” is just one of many indications of reference the resurrection today’s popular cocktails. (For more recipe book reproduction, click here)

Regardless of your budget, be assured there is a endless range of bar ware accessories is found in places like New York City Hadley antiques or mood Indigo, flea markets and garage sales and 1stdibs, websites such as Etsy and eBay, of course. Whether you prefer the style of the roaring twenties, the glamorous three-tens, fifties kitsch, or modern sixties retro cocktail culture, definitely will always be in fashion.


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