Wine Rack Furniture; How To Build

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Wine Rack Furniture; How To Build


Wine Rack Furniture; How To Build-Place furniture wine rack or storage fees should not be more than it saves. Regular package size tube to store bottles of wine, so they preferred to save cost. Thick wall tube making choices that are timeless, and in a matter of minutes with little effort and skill, can turn into something that is as attractive as the shelves were purchased. Cut the tube leaving 22.5 cm using a saw. Cut out six cylinders. Sand cut with fines and paper to smooth any imperfections edge Account. Decorative paper cut to six, each large enough to wrap a tube left open edge of 1.2 cm.


Includes wine rack furniture outside of the tube with a thin layer of decoupage glue,use a sponge brush to apply it. Wrap the paper around the tube and smooth so there are no bubbles. Allow the paper to dry for one hour, and then apply a second coat of glue on top to seal.


Paste glue with three resin resistant tube to form a row of three tubes wine rack Furniture. Stack two tubes on the bottom row three and glue. Insert the end of the tube to form a pyramid. Wrap the pyramid with a Ribbon sash to customize.


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